What we do

The Chemo Crazies Prescription Pack

The Chemo Crazies aim is to provide a “prescription pack” to children undergoing cancer treatment. We hope to put a smile on their face and provide a distraction for a brief moment from what they are facing. 

Our Packs


An inspirational cartoon styled book depicting J-Dog & G-Man having fun while involved in their crazy off the wall antics. Look out for G-Mans pug Yogi and J-Dogs cat Lulu.

The Chemo Crazies Crazy Chemo Course

Get from hospital to home with the help of J-Dog and G-Man.

Stress ball

for some of those uncomfortable procedures.

Building Blocks

16 individually lettered and hand made building blocks designed to assist children become more familiar with terms that they will encounter during their treatment and to have fun doing so. How about a word of the day and challenge doctors and nurses to use it in a sentence?

Fake Hair

Chances are you’ll lose your hair because of treatment. Have some fun with our replacement fake hair until yours grows back. J-Dog and G-man would use fake hair on their chests and heads to make everyone laugh.

Colour picture

Colour yourself as a Superhero along side J-Dog and G-Man. How many Chemo Crazies symbols did you count in our book? Send us a crazy pic with your answer and go into a monthly draw for a gift voucher.


Bright "Sunshine Inspired” Yellow Sunglasses with “The Chemo Crazies” logo and brand.

Packs also include:

The Crazies receiving our packs

Below are some of the awesome inspiring young crazies who our packs have gone out to.
All of our Crazies deserve a medal…. but they prefer our packs!